Most well-known as the voice of Bart Simpson and dozens of other voices, Nancy is very happy to introduce you to her world of art.

Nancy’s process is similar to the reverse painting method used by the animation world for over a hundred years. She paints on the backside of transparent acrylic panels, creating a clean, brilliant artistic effect. This technique has been a perfect marriage between the lively subject matter and her eye-catching imagery.

By Nancy Cartwright

“I was raised in a family of six kids. We were all gifted - be it sports, music or art; and my parents encouraged us to do what we loved. This kind of support has remained one of my strongest messages. Even though I started to play the trumpet in the fourth grade, art has always been a passion. The problem was that I had to decide between art and music. I couldn’t do both, so I stuck with music. It wasn’t until decades later that a friend surprised me by taking me to an art studio for my birthday. It was here that I made my first sculpture. It was rough, but I finished it and realized that I simply had to do more. My muse had been awakened.

I have a modest compilation of sculptures and reverse-style paintings that have opened my eyes to a whole new world of aesthetics. I try to paint/sculpt daily, and when I do, I disappear into a magical universe where I am not encumbered by the pitfalls and obstacles of life. I just do what I love. If it makes me happy, I really do well in life - and that is very important. 

Artists are the most valuable people on the planet. We are the ones who make the difference. With our beautiful works - be it dance, music, sculpture, acting, painting, animation, storytelling, etc., it is the artist who has the power to elevate the society to a higher level. 

It is not the scientist or politician who is going to make this world a better place. Yes, they have some effective plans and programs - that is not to be denied; but it is the artist - the human spirit - who has the only means of lifting our culture, giving hope to mankind through our beautiful works and messages who will make the real difference. No matter the form, art has the power to make one laugh or cry. It has the power to break down barriers and change someone’s viewpoint about life itself and enable one to make this world a better place. 

And that is why I’m an artist.